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02 Apr 2017

Nine Belgian trading companies from the DIY, garden and pet sector, the association of manufactuerers Comeos, association of manufacturers Febin and many of its members want to work more closely together in the area of item master data management and the exchange of product data. They have already signed a corresponding declaration of intent. The nine retailers are Aveve, Brico and Brico Plan-it from the Dutch Maxeda group, Gamma Belgium from the Dutch Gamma group, Horta (ADT), Hubo Belgium, Makro Belgium, Meno-Group, Mr. Bricolage Belgium and Tom & Co.

The ultimate goal is to send or receive product data via the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) of GS1 by the end of 2018. Within GDSN there is a specific data model for the sector. This data model contains a fixed set of product attributes for each product category.

In the Netherlands, the retailers Karwei and Gamma (Intergamma), Bouwmaat, Hubo and Mulitmate Bouwmarkt (DGN Retail) and are already using GDSN or are working on introducing the system. Praxis (Maxeda) is now also joining in. Furthermore, more than 75 suppliers are already exchanging the data of their poroducts with retailers via the GS1 network.

(DIT International 2|2017)