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Bricoalliance was founded as a knowhow and purchase platform for independent retail chains. We provide our members with all the knowledge of the markets, products and suppliers.

Besides that Bricoalliance purchases well defined products required by its members. These purchases are based on the economical principal that bigger volumes give better prices. Therefore Bricoalliance is in direct contact with producers to negotiate on prices for big volumes. These big volumes are generated through the process of combining all the orders of the members in the alliance. It is a simple principal but very effective for the members in order to obtain a better competitive position in their specific markets and to increase their result.

Bricoalliance has 9 active members operating in 11 different countries. Their total turnover is over 1.300.000.000 EUR with 368 outlets and growing every day. A condition to become a member of Bricoalliance is to be a financially healthy company with an ambitious business plan thus enabling us to build a strong alliance for the future.

Juan José Jaén Rodriguez, Bricoking: "Our joining Bricoalliance has only given us absolute satisfaction over the years. Being able to do sourcing together in Asia has been fundamental in our success. But, if I had to say what most I've found interesting about the alliance, I would say the networking between the different companies and countries. All the members have made a huge effort in working as a team. Personally I am very satisfied and have made great friends for life."

Patrick Cassidy, United Hardware: "Bricoalliance is vital to United Hardware buying group in achieving its main goal which is to source products in the most cost effective manner. It allows greater access of quality approved products we could not source on our own.
Whilst buying is always important it also exposes us to new markets across Europe and the opportunity to see and hear first-hand from our Bricoalliance colleagues new trends, technology, and best practice that is emerging in Europe.
Bricoalliance works because there is no conflict of interest and it's members are open and willing to share their experiences."