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06 Apr 2018

The Technosystem company that promotes two brands: “Domingo - Home Improvement Centre” and “Pervomaster DIY Construction Centre” in the Siberian Federal District recorded a 15.7% sales increase in 2017 (in regional currency); in Q1 2018 the growth trend continued, but the rate decreased to 9.5%. The reason for the decrease were the weather conditions with insufficient snow and a particularly icy two weeks in January (temperatures dropped to -47 °C), which influenced customer traffic and the scope of usage of snow grooming equipment. Nevertheless, the company management forecasts double-digit sales growth in 2018. The company has announced their search for retail spaces for two hypermarkets in Novosibirsk and has also confirmed active negotiations about a new brand launch under a franchise. Details are not yet available, it is only known that the negotiations are with a foreign DIY retailer.

Source: EDRA/ghin