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Providing knowledge of the DIY markets

Bricoalliance was established in 2006 as a knowledge and purchasing platform for independent retail chains. We provide our partners with insights into markets, products, and suppliers.

Bricoalliance strategically purchases specific products required by its partners. This approach follows the economic principle that larger volumes lead to better prices. To negotiate competitive prices, Bricoalliance maintains direct contact with producers through its offices in Shanghai. By consolidating orders from alliance partners, we achieve significant volume, which enhances our partners’ competitive positioning in their respective markets and contributes to improved business outcomes.

Strong international alliance

Bricoalliance currently collaborates with 9 active partners spanning 12 countries. Together, they achieve a total turnover exceeding 2 billion EUR across more than 1,000 stores, with ongoing growth. Prospective partners must demonstrate financial stability and an ambitious business strategy to join our robust alliance, ensuring a foundation for future success.

What our partners say...

Paul Candon United Hardware

Bricoalliance is vital to United Hardware buying group in achieving its main goal which is to source products in the most cost effective manner. It allows greater access of quality approved products we could not source on our own. Whilst buying is always important it also exposes us to new markets across Europe and the opportunity to see and hear first-hand from our Bricoalliance colleagues new trends, technology, and best practice that is emerging in Europe. Bricoalliance works because there is no conflict of interest and its partners are open and willing to share their experiences.

Emanuele Balconi Cipir

Cipir is proud to be a partner of Bricoalliance. Through this alliance, we can source import products with combined volumes, allowing us to meet market price demands effectively. Operating alone in one country, it would be challenging to achieve such high volumes. The exchange of information, knowledge, and best practices among partners is highly valuable to us. The quarterly meetings with partners are particularly useful for sharing insights about markets, products, and suppliers. Leveraging this information enables us to make more profitable business decisions. Bricoalliance outperforms other buying alliances because it is well-managed and free of conflicts of interest among partners. From the outset, Cipir has been clear and committed to maintaining an open relationship, sharing information, and supporting all partners to build strong cooperation.