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(L) Danilo Vila of Brico IO and (R)Jaime Mendoza of Coferdroza with Miguel De Almeida of Bricoalliance
01 Apr 2019

We at Bricoalliance are delighted and honored to welcome 2 new members as from 1st April 2019;
Brico IO who is now our second Italian member and Coferdroza, our new Spanish member.

18 Dec 2018

The new store in Stenungsund with an updated assortment and lay out.

15 Oct 2018

Aluminium ladder manufacturer Ferral, based in Portugal, has been elected 'Best Supplier 2017'

04 May 2018

In its recently published quarterly report Byggmax confirmed the roughly 15 per cent downturn in sales between January and March that was revealed at the start of April.  The drop in sales was due mainly to its Skånska Byggvaror distribution chann

06 Apr 2018

The Technosystem company that promotes two brands: “Domingo - Home Improvement Centre” and “Pervomaster DIY Construction Centre” in the Siberian Federal District recorded a 15.7% sales increase in 2017 (in regional currency); in Q1 2018 the growth

21 Dec 2017

The DIY store operator Hubo is amongst the companies with the highest growth rates in Belgian online trade.

06 Nov 2017

Source: DIY International by the Daehne publishing house

15 Sep 2017

The Moroccan DIY store chain Bricoma has opened a new store in the city of Nador.