In the DIY sector, customers cannot find a more hospitable “home”, a place offering a solution for all DIY problems than the Cipir stores.
Cipir Srl was founded in 1930 as a manufacturer of paints and varnishes under the “Colorificio Fasana” brand. Today it is led by the brothers Fabio and Antonio Pirazzi who have further developed the production activity.
In 1982, the Pirazzi brothers had the intuition to diversify the company by entering the retail market. The opening of the first store was followed by the development and launch of the CIPIR brand, and growth with major retailers to the current 19 centres specializing in do-it-yourself.
Initial contacts with the consumer public took place in the early 1970s when, in a time of market slowdown, a company was opened to sell the paint directly to private customers.
In the meantime, the concept of DIY slowly began to grow in Italy too.
The decision was then taken to open the first store by adding other typical do-it-yourself products on top of the paint products already on offer.
Today the company is present in the provinces of Novara, Varese, Verbania and Vicenza.

€30 000 000
Number of stores: